transfer partial lines of a file to new file

transfer partial lines of a file to new file

Post by Aaron Cra » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> Assume I have a file of 100 lines in it I need to take 50 through 75 lines
> and transfer to new file. How I can do the same from command line. Can we
> do the same using sed or awk?

    $ sed -n 50,75p file


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1. Partial File Transfer

I am connecting from an SCO version 4.2 machine to a
non-SCO Unix server and using a script from TERM
(Century Software) to perform simple file transfers.
I say simple in that a file is sent via xmodem (using
the TERM script), a response then comes back
via xmodem from the Unix server and the connection
is closed. We are finding that partially through the
file transfer, the connection is halting with a message
regarding CRC (Cyclical Redundancy). We have
tried files of several sizes (500 bytes vs 10,000 bytes)
and the time before halting does not seem to be related
to time connected or file size.  With this message being
reported to our screen by the Unix server, is this a
modem problem or possibly a setting on our SCO box?

Joel A. Stevens

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