Debugging C++ progs on SUN systems

Debugging C++ progs on SUN systems

Post by Chowdary Man » Wed, 17 Nov 1993 08:13:12


I am having problems debugging my C++ programs using the dbx on SUN.
I'm using the AT&T C++ translator (CC) for compiling. Like it is said in
the manpages, I'm passing the -g option to the CC, for including additional
symbol table info in the .o files.

But, when I use that source (.cc) file in dbx, it says 'File not compiled
with -g option'.

I would appreciate if any of you who have used CC and dbx, can help me in this.




Debugging C++ progs on SUN systems

Post by Pete Flugst » Fri, 19 Nov 1993 03:40:39

Quote:>But, when I use that source (.cc) file in dbx, it says 'File not compiled
>with -g option'.

Make sure you are using the right dbx, the one that came with the C++ translator.
Sun's version of this translator requires that you use a different de* in
order to understand it at all.



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Has anybody else also encountered this problem ?

Is there some way (eg. compiler/linker flag etc. to generate old
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Greg Nancarrow

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