Stoopid question...

Stoopid question...

Post by Stephen Bayn » Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:00:00

: Silly question here, sorry about that!

: In determining a function name that won't conflict with any system
: functions, is it sufficient enough to do a 'man <function name>'?
NO. [Man pages are not always complete.]
You might try nm /lib/* to get a list of all names in the standard system
librarys. [Then there are things like Xwindows etc.]
If you are resticting yourself to ANSI C then the standard does give you
a set of rules to follow.

: What would be the best way to give a function a unique name without
: duplicating one found in an include file (or a lib file)?

Call things <prefix>_<name> where you pick prefix to be something that is
sensible for you. {Rational - most system functions do not contain an embeded
underscore.} Using different prefixes also stops clashes in your code. We use
a different prefix for each library of software. It also helps tell where
each function came from.


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Tried to update my system to 4.0.1 the other day (from 4.0.0 with the
Rage Pro 128 server from 3.3.6). Hid all the old stuff, installed the
new stuff, ran xf86config. First, there wasn't anything in the card
database about my Rage Pro 128, so I skipped it and let that default
to the VGA driver. But then I started it up, and it set a 320x200 mode
AT 187 Hz VERTICAL, 67 Hz over my maximum of 120 Hz (which was definitely
right in /etc/XF86Config). There were no modelines to play with in the
generated /etc/XF86Config, so I dumped all the code and went back to my
old setup.

1. Why no Rage Pro 128 in the database?
2. Why did it choose a vertical frequency over 50% higher than my
    specified maximum of 120 Hz?
3. Is this code "ready for prime time"?

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