databases for UN*X systems

databases for UN*X systems

Post by Dave Kinchl » Fri, 16 Aug 1991 13:48:48

Howdy all:
        First let me appologize for the many newsgroups but there doesn't seem
to be an appropriate one. The company I am currently doing some work for is
looking at replacing their current practice of using many files to make up
their make-shift database by purchasing a true database program. I am familar
with Ingris (well I know the name ;-() but not being particularily interested
in databases (there is an understatement if I have ever uttered one) I can not
tell them much about it.

My quest is to generate (or better ftp!) a list of database products currently
running on a plethora of UN*X platforms. Before this company desides to
rewrite their software they want to be sure that the package they move to will
offer them all they need (a reasonable request).

So I ask the world, if you know of ANY database products (that is software
that provides database access) that runs on multi-UN*X platforms I would
appreciate hearing from you. Comments and pointers to information are also
gladly accepted as is any pointer to a more appropriate newsgroup then the
ones I have chosen.

Thanx for you time,

cheers kinch

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