Screen management like curses ??

Screen management like curses ??

Post by Damien Bill » Sat, 14 Aug 1993 02:00:27

  I am looking for a package like curses but machine independent.

  Any idea ?



Screen management like curses ??

Post by Zeyd M. Ben-Hal » Mon, 16 Aug 1993 06:56:04

>  I am looking for a package like curses but machine independent.

>  Any idea ?

ncurses is a clone of SYSVR4 curses, and should run on systems that have
termios (sgtty may or may not work 100%), sigaction, and ANSI C compiler.

The latest sources are always in
If you pick them up, please drop me a note.


>  Thanks.


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Ok, so I gave up on getting the onboard i815 video working on my new
Compaq and installed an old PCI video card I happened to have around.

Now I can't get the mouse to work.

I had the machine working just fine with XFree3 and the VGA-16 server
(ooh, look, I think that is _green_) and the mouse worked fine too.

Now the graphics work, but as soon as I touch the mouse, the pointer
shoots up to the upper left corner of the screen and refuses to come
out. Oh, it darts around like maybe it might come out, but it's just
teasing. It never goes more than a few inches away from the corner.

At one point, trying all of the mouse configuration options I got a
/kernel: psmintr out of sync
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Any wisdom appreciated.

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