advise port to SVR4

advise port to SVR4

Post by Sanjoy Mish » Sun, 08 Nov 1992 00:26:51


 I am looking for a program which directs console(or any terminal) output
to any other terminal. I understand that advise does this type thing. I would
like to know if someone has ported it to SVR4.

Thanks for any help.



1. Serial port configuration in SVR4 - port open times out

I've recently upgraded from SVR3.2 to SVR4.0 (Intel V2.0) and am
having difficulty getting serial ports to respond to anything.  I've
tried everything I can think of from using the sysadm program to
configure and enable ports and uucp lines to editing the uucp
configuration files manually with no avail.  I have made sure that
"uucp" owns the appropriate device entries and files.

It seems as though the ports do not respond at all - any attempt at
connection with "cu" times out with the message "CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE".
A short program to access the port (/dev/tty(00 00s, 00h, 01, 01s,
01h) and /dev/term/(00, 00s, 00h, 01, 01s, 01h)) with the "open"
system call waits indefinitely for the port to become ready.

An internal hayes compatible modem is attached to tty00 and tty01 is
one of the serial ports builtin to the motherboard (Hauppauge 4860).

If you have any ideas on what the problem may be, please let me know.

Brian Dean                              Dept. of Stat. & Computer Science
(304) 293-3607x5                        West Virginia University
                                        Morgantown, WV  26506

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