Post by Mika Saa » Tue, 12 Jul 1994 21:27:54

Hello everybody !

        I asked this same question apx. month ago but file
        here was ll the names of good shell script books
        "erased" while cleaning my home directory !

        So if anybody knows good shell script and awk
        etc. unix shell programming books I would
        be interested too !

        Thank you very much !

        If possible send mail to


1. New Unix shell book

I'm an author currently working on a book for the Waite Group Press. We're
developing a book on configuring, using, and programming the Unix shells.

A question has come up re. which shell(s) should be the focus of the book.
If you are a Unix user and would like to comment, we would appreciate your
input. Which shell(s) do you think is most important? Should a book of this
sort focus on one shell to the exclusion of the others? Or should all three
be addressed equally?

If you would like to comment please send email to me, David Conger. My

Thanks for your help,
Dave Conger

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