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> HURLnET needs help adding features to our main product, ISP Register.
> You can see a demo and read about the product at
>  Most of the work is in c.
> Thanks,
> s

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1. What the hell is net-pf-4 and net-pf-5 ?

hi there,

i've just updated my redhat from 3.0.3 to 4.0 except that it loses all
networkinformation, everything went fine. but when booting up, i
allwasy get the message : modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-4

well, i cant find the script modprobe is called to load net-pf-4 an 5.

i ran grep over all init-files but didnt get any match. well and
another question that came up os: what the hell is net-pf-4 and 5 ?

if anybody has an idea, would be fine to give me a hint.

thanx od


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