CA/HI: UNIX PROGRAMMERS C++ HTML $45K-$110K *Recruiter*

CA/HI: UNIX PROGRAMMERS C++ HTML $45K-$110K *Recruiter*

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UNIX Programmers... minimum three years experience with C++ embedded
experience for positions in California and Hawaii.  Background must
include manufacturing, online service, or multimedia experience.

Salary between $45,000 and $110,000.  Many clients will relocate.  HTML a

Please contact:

Sal Castillo, President
Voice:  (415) 749-1786
Fax:    (415) 885-5689

Castillo Associates is an executive search firm specializing in the mid-
to senior-level management positions in the software, multimedia and
telecommunications industries, nationwide.  Entry level positions are not


1. US-CA-Silicon Valley Windows C++-GUI Programmer-Recruiter


For a complete listing of our current career opportunities, please
visit our Web Page at

Windows C++/GUI programmer. Use MS Visual C++, RogueWave, Stingray
Objective Grid and other tools to produce a GUI for an enterprisewide
security administration program.

Useful Skills

Familiarity with other enterprise wide administration programs.  E.g.
Tivoli, CA-Unicenter, OpenView, Oracle Enterprise Manager etc.

Familiarity with packaged applications. Particularly SAP and

Familiarity with TIBCO Rendezvous.

Familiarity with distributed systems elements.  E.g. RPC, TCP/IP,
synchronization, logging, version tracking etc.

Familiarity with other aspects of security.  E.g. authentication,

Familiarity with database network connectivity packages.  E.g.
OpenClient/OpenServer etc.

Characteristics Of Working Environment

"A" grade office environment in Silicon Valley

Top of the line computers (mostly running NT)

Typically work 10hr/day weekdays plus 4hr/one weekend day.  Start
anytime before 10:00am

Rigorous design methodology

Please respond directly to Arnold Garlick, President, Pacific Search
Consultants, 2377 S. El Camino Real Suite 201, San Clemente, CA  92672  

files, PLEASE)  Fax:  (949) 366-9200.

Please refer to Position #2460

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