Sharing data from a library (Solaris 2.4)

Sharing data from a library (Solaris 2.4)

Post by Tonnes Ingebrigtse » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 03:59:57

I need to put some datastructures into a shared library, and have
programs linking with it share the data for real
This is trivial, as long as these structures don't contain any

Build this into a library:

struct s1{
        int i,j;
        int pad[1<<20];


struct s2{
        int i;
        const struct s1 * ss1p;


const struct s1 s1var={


const struct s2 s2var={


Make a program that access the s2var from the library, and instances
of the program will actually share the data. That is, they will share
s1var, and hold s2var in private pages. (If you do change s2
to contain a lot of data istelf, you will see the size required by the
running processes increase.)

struct s2{
        int i;
        const struct s1 * ss1p;
        int pad[1<<20];


This indicates to me that I'm unable to make the structures containing
poiters truly shared. Am I right, or is there a way around it?

I'm running Solaris 2.4, cc: SC3.0.1

The Makefile:

use_bar: use_bar.c
        cc -xstrconst -R. -L. use_bar.c -o use_bar -lbar bar.c
        cc  -xstrconst -c -K PIC bar.c
        cc  -xstrconst -G -z text -o bar.o


Tonnes Ingebrigtsen
Skrivervik Data AS


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        Thank you



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