Programmers needed for intense music/internet software project

1. GTK/GNOME programmers needed for educational software project

I'm an organizer for the SEUL (Simple End User Linux) Project.  Our
educational software effort <>, which has been
in existence for just a bit over a month, is getting to the point where
we need to solicit some extra coders.  We specifically need people who
are interested in coding user interfaces.

At this point our most pressing need (these priorities are mine, and not
necessarily commonly agreed on in the group, but I don't think there
would be too much quibble) is for good GTK programmers to help with the
X port of Dr. Geo, a geometry program.  If the principal authors of them
are ready for outside help, we also have a stock market simulator, an
airline simulator (along the lines of Rail Baron, I'm told), and a
couple of gradebooks in the queue.  Just in the talking stages is a 3D
Logo program that I hope will incorporate some of the concepts used in
Toontalk <>, and a language quiz program.  We're
working on designing a backend data repository for administrative data
for schools, but I think it will be a little while before that's ready
for coding.

If you'd like to see what we're discussing you can read our list
archives at <> and can join the
mailing list from there.  We hope you'll check us out and come help us;
we think we're on to something potentially pretty great here!

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Data Network Coordinator  or Beethoven being good at billiards
Bloomsburg University     or golf.

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