Question: passing $var and "$var" into AWK from script

Question: passing $var and "$var" into AWK from script

Post by Jack Vins » Sat, 10 Apr 1993 00:07:18

Hello, I think I've seen discussion here before regarding this, but I have
previously scanned and ignored the messages.  Now I need more or less the
same help.

Here's the bare-bones situation:

I have a shell script (sh) which calls awk.  However, the script can take
several options and these will affect the result I get from the call to
awk.  Namely, I want to be able to pass $1, $0, etc. into awk along with
shell variables, such as $foo or whatever.

Basically, how do I protect the "$" in front of the field specifiers
because they are needed in AWK?


The Purple Puddle Eater


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