complex arithmetic

complex arithmetic

Post by Frans van Hoes » Sat, 26 Dec 1992 07:28:43

a simpel question for those who know the answer...
given a complex number as z=ix+y, how does one do
if z>w

and what are other 'standard' operations on complex numbers (besides
*, /, -, +) one expects in a language that would support complex numbers?

I could look it up, but I remember reading something on the news (on some
news group) about doing division correctly (related to rieman surfaces)

any help is greatly appreciated.

-- frans

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I have a ksh script that needs to check the current date and the
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value.  The expiration date will be read from an ASCII file.  Its format
has not been set, so it can be whatever is easiest (yy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yy,
etc.).  Perl could do this quite nicely, but perl isn't available on all
the systems the script must run on.  I vaguely recall a discussion of
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need.  What is the best way to do this with "standard" Unix commands?

Amaze me again with your creativity!

Ed Moore
Vancouver, WA, USA

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