cvs 1.3 BUG: cvs ci -r after a higher ci...

cvs 1.3 BUG: cvs ci -r after a higher ci...

Post by Gerhard Moell » Fri, 11 Jun 1993 02:47:16

Hello folks,

Did you ever run in trouble using revision numbers and cvs?

The problem is that for the FIRST ci cvs does not seem to care about any
revision number. It just uses the highest available. To demonstrate this
you can try by yourself:

mkdir /tmp/cvstest
cd /tmp/cvstest
cvs import cvstest TESTBASE test
cd /tmp
cvs co cvstest
cd cvstest
touch foo
cvs add foo
cvs ci foo              <----- Necessary, as only following ci's accept
                               any revision numbers.
cvs ci -r5.3 foo
touch bar
cvs add bar
cvs ci -r1.2 bar        <----- THIS DOES NOT WORK

cvs log bar

 Working file: bar
 head: 5.1              <----- :-(((
 revision 5.1
 date: 1993/06/09 17:38:10;  author: gemoe;  state: Exp;

Did anyone solve this problem?
Any bugfixes?

Also: Is there a mailing list for cvs?

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