NEWSWIRE: Parametric Technology to Use GLOBEtrotter for E-Commerce

NEWSWIRE: Parametric Technology to Use GLOBEtrotter for E-Commerce

Post by Richard Mirabell » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00

The following is from the newswire:


  Parametric Technology Corp.=AE Products to use
 GLOBEtrotter's Electronic Commerce for Software

    FLEXlm to Provide Multi-Platform Support, Standard
                 TCP/IP Connectivity =

       for More Efficient Use of Network Resources

CAMPBELL, CALIF., August 11 -- GLOBEtrotter Software,
Inc. announced today that Parametric Technology Corp. (PTC),
the leading supplier of CAD/CAM/CAE software tools, will
incorporate GLOBEtrotter's FLEXlm license management solution
in future versions of its products. FLEXlm is GLOBEtrotter's
flagship electronic commerce for software technology.

"In speaking with our customers, we found that FLEXlm was
already the preferred standard for license management, so we
pitted it against other license management software on the market,"
said Anurag Sharma, product line manager for systems technology
at PTC. "Only FLEXlm offered the kind of performance, flexibility
and multiple platform support we needed. Our goal is to deploy
FLEXlm in all future versions of our products."

The Pro/ENGINEER software family is a comprehensive, tightly
integrated product development environment designed to automate
and manage each step in the product development process from
design, virtual prototyping and testing through production.

Because it is based on standard TCP/IP network protocols,
Globetrotter's FLEXlm notifies servers of client status
automatically and rapidly. In fact, PTC estimates that with the use
of FLEXlm, Pro/ENGINEER's network bandwidth requirements
will be significantly reduced, enabling individual servers to manage
four times more software licenses than previously possible. This
streamlined capability through more efficient use of network
resources could potentially reduce PTC customers' required
investments in server hardware.

"PTC is one of the great success stories of the software industry,
building an $800 million business in less than ten years. PTC's
adoption of FLEXlm for its Windows and UNIX-based products
speaks well to the software industry's convergence around
FLEXlm as an electronic commerce for software technology," said
Richard Mirabella, vice president of marketing for GLOBEtrotter.

Parametric Technology Corporation is the CAD/CAM/CAE
industry's leading supplier of software tools used to automate the
mechanical development of a product from its conceptual design
through production. Worldwide, more than 14,200 companies
employ PTC's integrated software technologies to reduce time to
market, improve engineering processes, and optimize product
quality. Parametric Technology's growth strategy emphasizes
technological leadership, aggressive price/performance, hardware
independence, worldwide distribution, and extensive customer

With more than 1200 leading software vendors and hundreds of
the world's largest commercial and government sites as software
asset management customers, GLOBEtrotter Software, Inc. is the
market and technology leader for electronic software distribution
and license management solutions. A privately held company,
GLOBEtrotter is dedicated to providing both software vendors
and large scale user sites with comprehensive solutions for
maximizing the cost-effectiveness of UNIX and PC network
desktop software applications in distributed computing
environments. GLOBEtrotter's products, available from the
company's worldwide direct sales force, support Microsoft
Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Java, Novell NetWare,
OS/2, VMS and more than 40 UNIX platforms. GLOBEtrotter's
corporate headquarters are located in Campbell, CA. For more
information, including a complete overview of GLOBEtrotter's
electronic commerce for software technologies, and free software
downloads, access the company's Web site at


"FLEXlm" is a registered trademark of GLOBEtrotter Software, and =

"Electronic Commerce for Software" and "GLOBEtrotter Software" are =

trademarks of GLOBEtrotter Software. "Parametric Technology Corporation" =

and "Pro/ENGINEER" are registered trademarks of Parametric
Technology Corporation.


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        Developers of FLEXlm & Software License Management Tools


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