LynxOS/Graphical Debuggers?

LynxOS/Graphical Debuggers?

Post by wayne t. wats » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Anyone using graphical de*s on LynxOS?  I am particularly
interested experiences anyone had had who brought up and is using the
the (free) ddd tool.

Mountain View, CA

1. xDuel for xxgdb,gdb - a REAL graphical debugger

      [ Though this program is not currently part of GNU, the FSF is
        publishing an announcement of it, as it is useful free


annoncing xDuel 2.1 for xxgdb (FIX from v2.0).

xDuel is a graphical extension to Duel debugging language.

and it enables you to print data structures under gdb(GNU debugger).

inside gdb typing:
(gdb) duel ar[..n]

 will print the elements of array ar - ar[0] .. ar[n-1].
 root-->(left,right)->value will print the elements of a binary tree.

xDuel extends the Duel to enable drawing of the program's state.
The xDuel was implemented in two modes - in gdb (drawing on normal tty)
and in xxgdb - where drawing is done in X-windows.

xDuel enables you to DRAW those data structures - arrays,lists and trees.
look at

and Dr. Michael Golan


CHANGES - version 2.1
Correcting bad INSTALL file , instalation script.
Added features - graph nodes filtering -
   e.g root-->(left,right) >? 20 <? 30 will only draw the relevant nodes.

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