> UN*X on a 8088

> UN*X on a 8088

Post by Sven Dowide » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 09:10:36

 have picked up the manuals for two operating systems that say that they run up to 3 users
with multiple processes.

these are

I don`t have the disks as the manuals were picked out if the rubbish.

but.... tis software was written specifically for the Xt and AT
anything else was non-existant?

both operating systems are copy and use as primary command shells instead of command.com

and are 'able to run must well behaved MS-DOS software'
the company they are from is Wendin, Inc
based in the USA
it comes complete with source code and 'supports a dynamic mix of timeshareing and realtime processes.

If anyone has a copy of either software in their 360Kb bunkers,
I would love to own a copy - I am willing to pay for it if .
is  or has anyone run this with an ethernet network, ie does NCSA and ka9q work while multitasking
 - I would like to run it on a spare 286 with ka9q for a mail and ftp area.

as you can see - unix is possible on an XT
remember an XT is a bigger system than some pdp-11`s that can and still do run .



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1. UN*X on intel 8088...


ok actually I just need a pointer...
I know it will be VERY slow etc etc..
but I want to run UNIX on a 8088 (640k 125mb hd hercules monitor etc) but
so far have (go figure..) been unable to find a version that will run on an 8088
I KNOW they are out there, have heard bout them and such from "old timers :)"
can anyone please please (on hands and knees) tell me where I can find a copy?

Christopher C Pitts

ps. email would b great if u can, if not post here, our netnews is very

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