REQUEST: Unix C++ programming tutorial

REQUEST: Unix C++ programming tutorial

Post by Mathias Anlé » Sat, 20 Mar 1999 04:00:00

If anyone could recommend a good unix c++ programming tutorial I would
be gratefull.

1. Beginner tutorials into KDE C++ programming?

I want to start learning C++, specifically to work on KDE/QT apps.  I'm
intemediate at Perl and learned it by hands on, looking at code to see
what it did and trying stuff out. Then going to the docs when I needed
help.  I don't learn well by doing a lot of reading through tutorials
with little sample code here and there.  It's too boring.

So, is there any places that have any tutorials that focus mostly on
hands on code?   Are there any places that have comparisons with other
languages?   Maybe like:

This is how to cycle through an array in C++, similiar to an array in


        # ...

Accept that an array in c++ only does...

My goal is to be able to start writing some small apps for KDE and QT
(the GUI libraries for KDE).   Start off with somthing simple like a
mail monitor app and go up from there...  Any advice?

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