Finding the address of a proc structure under BSD

Finding the address of a proc structure under BSD

Post by Paul Clo » Sun, 10 Jan 1993 04:58:43

I want to access some elements of the proc structure (in /usr/include/sys/proc.h
) in BSD. I think you do this by using nlist(3) to find one process and then
step through a linked list (p_link or p_rlink) until you find the one you want.
I'm not sure firstly whether this the correct method, and if it is which is the
nlist symbol to look at from the kernel?

Any help or pointers to online references would be appreciated.

Paul Cloke


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I am hunting around in kmem using kvm_read....

I wish to find the (struct file *) corresponding to a
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I find the address to the (struct tcp) using "ndd /dev/tcp tcp_status".
I then search into the file table to find the vnode. This will tell
me where the stream is. But I don't understand streams! How can I follow
the stream structures to find the (struct tcp)?

Any ideas/solutions? (Please email me direct).


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