SUN Modem/Serial Prg

SUN Modem/Serial Prg

Post by Bryant K Nguy » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

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Hello there!  Would someone please assist?

I've got a customized paging software that I wrote.  I am able to
communicate to the modem (standard hayes compatible) at 7 databits or 8

Here's the dilemma.  I need to open the port in 8 databits to see expected
responses from the modem (such as OK).  However, my paging software needs
to talk to a server via modem-to-modem at 7 databits.  When I open the
port using 7 databits, I cannot get standard responses (such as OK,

The same program w/ minor changes works well on SGI.  Regardless of
whether or not I set the databits to 7 or 8, I get the standard OK
response.  Do you have any suggestions?  By the way, I have the FAQ, so
the port open and settings are direct from there!  Thank you very much!




1. Q: Prg. Modem

Would someone please assist?

I'm writing a modem program that dials into another modem.  The
communication is via **7 Databits**.  The problem is that when i attempt
to establish a connection, the standard response to commands such as "AT"
are not "readable".  This is because I open the modem port and set the
databit to 7 Databits.  However, if I set the databit to 8 Databits, then
the standard response to "AT" (which is "OK") is received.

Port open as **7 Databits**

Port open as **8 Databits**

Must I open the port as 8 Databits to properly talk to my modem (i.e.,
send and receive AT OK, CONNECT) and dial out, followed by switching to 7
Databits?  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks in advance!

SUN Solaris 5.6, external hayes compatible modem

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