Immediate job opening in St. Louis, Missouri for Client/Server Project Manager

Immediate job opening in St. Louis, Missouri for Client/Server Project Manager

Post by Michael Stigal » Thu, 19 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Consulting firm in St. Louis, Missouri is seeking a qualified candidate for
placement as a Client/Server Project Manager. Term of the contract will be
at least 12 months, and the candidate must either reside in St. Louis, or
be willing to relocate. Relocation costs will be provided for the qualified
candidate. Both full-time salaried and sub-contractors will be considered.

The job requires at least two years of project management experience in a
client/server environment. Experience with Year 2000 projects, C, C++,
Unix, Oracle or Java is a plus. Salary will be based upon experience.

Please respond with contact information and resume via email to:


1. AIX Administrator Job - St. Louis

I know this is off-topic and I'm sure someone will yell at me for
posting this message, but given our current state of slow
employment in the IT business, I thought I'd post this anyway and
maybe help an AIX administrator find a job.

I own a recruiting firm here in St. Louis and one of my clients
called me yesterday (11/6/02) with a job opening: (this job won't
be open for too long, so if you're interested, hustle!)

AIX administrator
Permanent position (not contracting)
Requirements - minimum 4 years experience with AIX administration,
Tivoli Netview, Sun, Windows 2000, shell scripting, SQL server.
Dollars to mid $70k
Location - St. Louis, MO
US Citizen or Green Card only, no Visa processing
Preference given to local candidates, but relocation is available

If any interest (or if you just want to yell at me):

Tom Allen
Allen Consulting Group, Inc.
10805 Sunset Office Drive
Suite 214
St. Louis, MO  63127
(314) 984-9909 - phone calls welcome

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