Lex (Flex) and Yacc (or Bison) questions.

Lex (Flex) and Yacc (or Bison) questions.

Post by Francois Felix INGRA » Thu, 06 Jun 1991 21:28:02

I am not quite sure if these are the right newsgroups for these questions, but
I cannot find any Lex or Yacc (or even bison) Newsgroups.

I would like to know if it is possible to redirect the input while you are
parsing a grammar (like if you were parsing an include command for example)

foo bar command etc...
#include "foo.text"
other command etc...

For example in the previous example, I want to parse everything (let say from
stdin) before the #include, and as soon as I find the include, I want to
continue to parse from the file foo.text. Upon EOF, I want to switch back to
the stdin. If this is possible, I would appreciate an example.

Another related question, is it possible to parse more than one grammar in the
same executable?  

Last question... Is it possible to use call yyparse for a subset of a grammar?
or to explicitly call the parser on one specific rule?

Please, answer by e-mail, as I do not read this newsgroup regularly.

Thanks in advance,
Francois Felix INGRAND                   "Read my Lisp... No new syntax" (nil)


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utilities.  What's out there that might help, or be of interest?

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated...

[I prefer email responses, since I don't have time to read news often.]


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