Looking for a good database package

Looking for a good database package

Post by Norman Ham » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 11:15:18

Could anybody give me some help finding a decent database manager or two?
Looking both for work (probably a commercial package) and for my own use
(probably PD, CopyLeft, Shareware, Whathaveyou)

What I need for work:

1. Extremely portable, source code availability a must. The new product
   we're developing is going to be built under Linux, so without source
   code we're kinda dead in the water.
2. Fast, fast, fast... our current system, for all it's failings, has some
   INCREDIBLY fast database routines... .06 second record adds on a system
   with 10 users pounding on it.
3. The ability to do both client-server and normal multi-process inquiries.
4. (Obviously) Multi-user locking/Transaction Tracking capabilities
5. Multiple Indices / Duplicate Keys in indices
6. C-callable routines

Even relatively simple ISAM routines would be wonderful... All that's
strictly necessary is speed and stability... things like report generators
and the like are nice, but I need something which WORKS.

 What I need for home is similar, except I don't need client-server,
definitely don't need a RDBMS and speed isn't strictly a factor (although
it's NICE if it doesn't bog down horribly as soon as you add a second
user)... however, since I'm a poor starving entry-level programmer I want to
spend as little as possible, so shareware or freeware is important.

 What I've tried or looked at:

 Raima Datamanager (Possible for work)
 Faircom (They don't license source under any circumstances)

 Please send me any info you have, especially who to contact or where to get