MAC ADDRESS/ioctl(siocgifhwaddr)

MAC ADDRESS/ioctl(siocgifhwaddr)

Post by Martin Birte » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi (again)!
I want to figure out the mac-address of my network-devices (ippp0,eth0).
I have already found the ioctl()-call i have to use but i have the
problem, that i dont know how to decode the given data.
the ioctl call is as follows: ioctl(filedes,siocgifhwaddr,struct ifreq*)

the ifreq struct has a member ifr_ifru (a union) an this one has a
member ifru_hwaddr of type "struct sockaddr". Now i dont know how to
get the mac-address from the sockaddr.sa_data member. I thought sockaddr
was only used to store ip-addresses...

thanx for any help



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