Problem while using the debugger - Help

Problem while using the debugger - Help

Post by Pradeep K Tapadi » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 01:45:04

Howdy netters,

While debugging, when I step through a program, the de* takes
me to a no-man's land on library function calls. For example, suppose
I am about to execute this line

10.   InFile = fopen("temp.dat", "w");

When I enter "step", instead of going to line 11, the de* takes me
to a line which says

0x23456   __DTOR_END__

On the next step, my program receives a signal 11 (segmentation), and

Things work fine if I use a combination of "break points" and "continues",
and just not use "step" at all.

Can someone please tell me what the problem is and how can I correct it?
Is it that the files containing code for library functions (fopen, etc)
have been compiled with partial debugging info in them?

The machine is a spark station running Solaris. I use gcc/gdb for my

Thank you for your help.



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