sigqueue problem on Irix

sigqueue problem on Irix

Post by Raymond La » Wed, 09 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am using sigueue() as the main mechanism for processes to send signals

each others.
Each of the processes has handler for these signals.

Here's is a simplified version of the source code:

#define SIGNAL_WANT_TO_CATCH                                50
   sigset_t signal_set;
   struct sigaction sig_action = { SA_SIGINFO, handlerFun, 0 };

  sigemptyset( &signal_set );
  sigaddset( &signal_set );

  sigprocmask( &signal_set );
 sigaction( SIGNAL_WANT_TO_CATCH,  &sig_action, NULL );
 sigsuspend( &signal_set );


void handlerFun( int sig,
                          siginfo_t *signal_info,
                          void       *user_context )

    int sendpid = signal_info->si_pid;
    *  sendpid is not the pid of the sending process?????

Quote:} /* end handlerFun */

The value of signal_info->si_pid is not pid of the sending process????
Any clues?? No problem if the signal is send via sigsend()?????

O.S. : Irix 6.2
Compiler : Mispro C Compiler 7.2




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