TCP Checksum error with WD8013WC on FreeBSD-2.2.5 (driver ed0)

TCP Checksum error with WD8013WC on FreeBSD-2.2.5 (driver ed0)

Post by Henri Henneber » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

In case it help someone:

After an upgrade to FreeBSD-2.2.5 (from 2.1.0) my SMC NIC (model
WD8013WC) produce poor transfer rate on the local net.
Some investigations localize the problem as being TCP SUM errors
generated by driver ed0 or the NIC -- a transfer between FreeBSD and SCO
produce error msg `TCP SUM ERROR' on the console of the SCO system.
I replace the WD8013WC by another one and the problem remains.
I replace the WD8013WC by a SMC8416C/SMC8416BT -- same IO, IRQ and maddr
-- and the problem disapear.

H. Hennebert


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I am trying to develop a Solaris 2.5 driver using TCP connections from inside a kernel
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These routines should be the kernel equivalent of t_open(), t_bind(), t_connect()
routines at user level. However, these routines are encapsulated in a driver
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kernel routines such as socreate, sosend, etc. which no longer exist in Solaris 2.5).

Thanks for help,

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