pcmcia: IBM Home and Away 10BT-Modem Combo: works under fbsd??

pcmcia: IBM Home and Away 10BT-Modem Combo: works under fbsd??

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I was wondering whether anyone out there has used FreeBSD with the IBM
Home and Away LAN-Modem combo card? I only require the LAN function.

I checked out the PAO project but I don't believe I saw the card listed.
However on the freebsd page, I saw that "most IBM ... pcmcia cards are
supported". The freebsd install disk was unable to recognize my ethernet
adapter, however.

Supposing that the card IS supported by the kernel, how does one go about
installing PCMCIA support in freebsd? Do the kernel sources have the
drivers, or, like linux, must I get a separate set of drivers.

Thank you very much for your help!

Please, if possible, cc to my email adx.


1. IBM Home and Away PCMCIA ethernet/modem combo.

        Well, I got this card for $39.95 from domark (good price since it has
10baseT ethernet + 14.4 modem).  I cant seem to get the ethernet working
quite right under linux.  I use bootpc, and though cardmgr detects the card
and loads eth0, bootp will timout and fail.  If I hardwire my IP, it will
work but its flakey.  When I telnet somewhere, it connects and then I must
wait like 20 seconds before I get a login.  In my syslog, I get a TS timeout?
cable problem? type message.  Argh...anyone have any ideas?

        Also, there is a flash utility you must do to the card to get it
recognized under Win95.  I cant flash my card for some reason.  It makes
a floppy you boot to DOS with and the program cant detect my card in my
PCMCIA sockets.  This is with a fujitsu milan notebook.

        In my roomates compaq armada, it says it detects the card, but always
says so whether the card is in or not.  When I try to flash it, the machine
locks up.   This is what you get when you pay $39 bucks for a new network
card I guess, anyone want to help?


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