Can't get mouse pointer in text mode

Can't get mouse pointer in text mode

Post by Craig Masse » Sat, 03 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Definitely a newbie wrestling with his first FreeBSD install on recycled
cast-offs from work. However I couldn't get a mouse to work during the
install process. I'd try a port and type combination and setup would ask me
if the pointer moved when I moved the mouse, at which point I'd tell teh
machine with some vehemence that I couldn't even see a pointer. After I
tried a lot of mice on practically every orifice the machine posseses, I
told the install not to worry about it and started working on the command
line from the man pages.

I can get moused to recognize a mose on the ps2 port, based on being told it
is a sysmouse when I type;
moused -p /dev/psm0 -i type

However when I try and turn the mouse pointer on by typing;
vidcontrol -m on
, a pointer flashes on the screen very quickly, then disappears. I have to
vidcontrol -m off

before "vidcontrol -m on" will reproduce the subliminal pointer effect, so
something thinks the pointer is working

I had another mouse working on one of the serial ports when I was thrashing
around with redhat linux (don't hit me, I hadn't heard of FreeBSD then, I'm
learning!) and I can't get that to go at all now. I could get anything
working on any port when I installed win95 on it ages ago, so the hardware
all works.

My conclusion is that I'm missing a concept somewhere. Help and/or pointers
to a refernce source that covers this greatly appreciated.

Thaen I can start asking dumb questions about an error my geriatric 1542B
SCSI card keeps throwing when I tell the kernel config I have one.


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