VLB IDE/floppy/2S/P card recommendation

VLB IDE/floppy/2S/P card recommendation

Post by Con Sultan » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a Promise Tech. VLB card with ide, floppy, game, serial, and
parallel ports.  I have had to tweak it in the past to get it to work
with FreeBSD.  I have also heard many horror stories from others with
these cards.  I have tried to defend it, since I was able to get it to
work when I had problems with it.

Well, Now I added an ISA card with 2 more serial ports, and 2 parallel
ports, and another useless game port.  I need the second Parallel port,
and will need the serial in the near future.  I was able to get the
serial ports to work after a little customizing of the kernel.  I played
with the parallel ports until two hours had gone by with no luck.  The
kernel would recognize the port, and if I booted to DOS, both printers
worked just fine.  Any time I  sent a job to the new parallel port,
FreeBSD paniced and rebooted the machine.  It would then reboot upon
starting the printd every time!  I finally figured out what was
happening, and got it to start long enough to remove the job from the
queue.  I played around with the kernel parameters and the hardware
addresses trying to find a combo that worked.  None of the combos seemed
to work.

I still need that second port, so I am thinking about trying a new VLB
card.  Anybody have a good CHEAP recommendation?


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I'm looking to upgade my video card from a Compaq CPQ1024i to something
that will run X and Win95 rather better than this ancient thing can.

My motherboard is of no-name far-east manufacture, and (rather worryingly)
says in its manual that "VLB is a very new specification, and not all VLB
cards will work" - oops! But - I'm prepared to give a VLB card a bash as
long as I can get it on a "works or return" basis.

So - if anyone could recommend a decent ISA or VLB card that's fairly easily
obtainable in the UK, that runs X at a decent speed and high resolution, I
would be a happy man.

Please reply via e-mail, I'll summarise here if there's enough interest.

cheers, Si

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