Sneakpeek explanation and summary for comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc

Sneakpeek explanation and summary for comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc

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SUBJECT: Re: kde-1.0 port - 3 questions

*** Gunnar Dahlstrom:
The standard distribution from include a script called
startkde which start all program that needs to be started.

BUT i seems that the port package does not include this script!
Why i don't know, but you can alway copy it from the standard distribution. :-)

*** Henry Vogt:
Not neccessary. It  i s  already installed with the KDE-1.0 Port - look for

To start KDE create a  executable .xsession file in your $HOME with at
least the following contents:

*** Patrick M. Hausen:
Found. Now, how do I get kdm to include /usr/local/bin in the
search path without gross hacks like setting PATH=... in
Xsession? I tried setting the DisplayManager*userPath resource
to no avail.

SUBJECT: QT1.40 on FreeBSD2.2.6

*** Ng Seo Boon:
Does anyone had any success in compiling QT1.40 on FreeBSD2.2.6?  Pointer(s)
needed. TIA.

*** Thomas T. Veldhouse:
It compiles fine if you do it from the ports collection.  I haven't
research why.  I suspect they are setting some enviroment settings
differently.  Also, after it is compiled, you have to move it where
you can use it, otherwise the QTLIB environment variable doesn't seem

*** Chad O Hulbert:
    Replace the configuration file $QTDIR/configs/freebsd-g++-shared

    Happy compiling!

SUBJECT: Anything like scandisk?

*** Appleseed:
I think things are screwy with my hardisk.
The superblock flag always resets and I'm
having random errors doing a make bulidworld.
Does anyone know of a disk scanner or perhaps

*** Kenneth Furge:
A good burn-in is "make world"!

- K.C.

*** Rainer M Duffner:
man fsck
An application to burn CD-Rs ?

SUBJECT: help w/gcc upgrade...

*** Earl Robinson:
Hey there,
I'm runing FreeeBSD 2.2.6 and i'm trying to upgrade th gcc from 2.7.1 to
the real problem is I don't know how to replace the old gcc with the new

*** Anthony Jenkins:
Run "./configure --prefix=/usr" in the src directory to have 2.8.1
install over the old gcc, though with the problems I'm having with my
compiler now after messing with gcc-2.8.1 I'd recommend the default
install location of /usr/local/.  I believe you can set

*** Rudi Sluijtman:
./configure --enable-shared

SUBJECT: Limiting traffic with ipfw

*** Staffan Ulfberg:
After answering your article it occurred to me that maybe a speed
limit was what you wanted, but well, then again I thought, maybe not.
Anyway, you can't use ipfw for this.  I'm not well informed at all
about shaping software, but I know of some Linux package called

*** Alexandre CHERIF:
Luigi Rizzo has made an hack of IPFW to limit bandwith, it's still under development, but take a look at it

I haven't try it, but it's Luigi's soft so it must be working :)

*** Luigi Rizzo:
what can i say more :)

and yes, it does work on 2.2.6 (haven't ported to 2.2.7 yet...)


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