Creating a block device in FreeBSD 4.4

Creating a block device in FreeBSD 4.4

Post by Rene M. Esquive » Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:10:14

I need to know how to create a block device for 'ad' in FreeBSD
4.4-PRERELEASE. I am using vmware and in order for me to use an existing
multi-os install, I need a block device in /compat/linux/dev. However,
FreeBSD now has only character devices. Any thoughts?

1. FreeBSD 4.4 and Soudblaster Live! = No Sound

I'm having issues getting my Sound Blaster Live! to produce any sound
whatsoever in FreeBSD 4.4.  I've followed the directions indicated in the handbook by recompiling the kernel with the 'device    pcm' line
that's supposed to be included in the kernel conf file.  After issuing a
'dmesg | grep pcm', I can see that the Soundblaster is successfully detected
on pcm0.  I've created the device nodes in /dev with the command 'sh MAKEDEV
snd0'.  Yet, when I start Gnome, I cannot get any sound from any mp3
applications or with Gnome's internal 'sound events'.  (And I do have the
mixer turned all the way up.)

Any ideas as what else to try?

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