C++ Programming IDE for FBSD?

C++ Programming IDE for FBSD?

Post by Jerry Hick » Fri, 24 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> Is there a good IDE out there?  For any of the UNIX clones?  Help!

> Kit Plummer

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1. C++ Programming IDE for FBSD?

Auburn University released a port of it's GRASP pseudo-IDE for Linux (it
is based on Motif; I haven't been able to work out some
incompatibilities with Lesstif yet) in binary executable form (meaning
you'll need Linux support installed).  It is located at
It was first designed around the Ada language, and I really haven't
played with it's handling of C code, but it works as a pretty good IDE
given the relative scarcity of them for this platform.

Anthony Jenkins

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