Post by Janne P Kjellm » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

        Has anyone succeeded to get this up and running? I've
        got working FreeBSD 2.2-960501-SNAP router with all
        IPX options compiled in. I run routed and IPXrouted,
        but havent seen any entries in ipx routing tables.

        Machine has 3 3c509 cards attached and I would like
        to enable IPXrouting between 2 of them. What am I
        missing? TCP/IP routing works like heaven, thanks for
        all contributors for that!!



1. how to set ipxrouted on freebsd 2.2.2

I wanted to set the ipx protocol on my freebsd machine and would
appreciate some advice and information on doing this.  In the rc.conf
I set the ipxgateway=yes and ipxrouted=yes but I get an error message
indicating that the ipx protocol is not supported.  what do I do now?


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