two ADSL line ?

two ADSL line ?

Post by 1??q¤p » Sat, 05 May 2001 08:28:35

Hi All,

        How do I set FreeBSD OS up to
        connect two ADSL line.


1. Linux permanent Line (connection two linux machines over a leased line (permanent telephone line)


I am trying to configure a ppp server to connection two linux machines
together. Aim is to connect two lans and finally make it possible to connect
into the internet through one server.

The leased line (permanen telephone line) is working. I can connect both
machines via minicom, but i am not able to set up the ppp server. If read
the standard howto's and i haven't solved setting up server and client
probably, whether normal ppp-client is working for other accounts.

Any experiences, suggestions? Help would be real great.

thanks in advance for every help


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