'ppp -direct' problems (Is there a FAQ?)

'ppp -direct' problems (Is there a FAQ?)

Post by Craig O » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00


So that I can get a free internet connection and to bring work home
:-( I have made a machine out of junk components and installed
FreeBSD. Wise choice I hear you all say!

But I have a few minor problems to come to terms with in regards to
user mode ppp.

[ij]ppp seems to be lacking in documentation and FAQ's. I was hoping
that someone could point me at a FAQ or else look at my problem and

Work run a WAN with a topology similar to this...

  [Corporate HQ]       [Branch Office]
       |                     |
       |                     |
      WAN 1                 WAN 2
   FrameRelay               ISDN
       |                     |
     cisco                 cisco
       |                     |
       ----Various Machines-----------------FreeBSD (ED1)
                                            My Home

I have the gateway option turned on (in startnet? I can't quite
remember now! but it is on as it shows up during the boot messages)

Some background...
By "corporate law" if I want to access the WAN I must remain as
198.178.189.x and must not create any fake addresses. I have servers
(HP9000 and Novell) at .2, .3, .4, .5   My user machines are set up to
starting at .40 and go up to .98 (DHCP)   My FreeBSD box can ping
anywhere on the WAN's (if I kill the routed process, but that is
another matter, as .253 advertises but .254 doesn't :)

Now the configuration files...
I think I have the sysconfig right, but the netmasks have me a little
   network_interfaces="ed1 tun0 lo0"
   ifconfig_tun0="inet        netmask 0xffffff00"
   ifconfig_ed1="inet         netmask 0xffffff00"
   ifconfig_lo0="inet localhost"

Is giving mentioning tun0 and giving it an address correct?

I have created the ppplogin script and it starts if I login as ppp

I have set up the ppp.conf file with
          set device /dev/cuaa0
          set speed 115200
          disable lqr
          deny lqr
          set ifaddr
I am really guessing here with the 'incoming' bit and the 'set ifaddr'
line! (I only need to dial in)

My ppp.linkup has in it...
         add 0 0 HISADDR
Once again I am lost. Any hints?

I have also created an options file...
        domain wds.xxxxxx.com
I don't know why I have created an options files, but I remember
someone once mentioning this!

Well thats about it. I really hope that I have made an obvious and
simple mistake that someone can point out.

I just can't seem to make this click despite many days of trying


I am running Windows '95 on my home machine with terminal after
dialing. I dial, login as ppp, see the banner and start
communications. I am kicked out with "unable to negotiate a

Thanks in advance,
Craig Orr


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