Media Vision ProSonic 16 sound card SCSI driver?

Media Vision ProSonic 16 sound card SCSI driver?

Post by Brian Hibber » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone had any luck getting the SCSI port to work on a Media Vision
ProSonic 16 sound card?  I would like to get my SCSI CD player to work
with FreeBSD and would rather not buy another SCSI adapter.  I'm
currently running FreeBSD 2.2.  

The card has a Future Domain 9C50 SCSI chip on it with IO_MEM C8000 and
IRQ 11.   I tried setting the seagate sea0 device to these addresses
(it supports some Future Domain controllers), but the probe was not able
to find the device.  

If you have gotten this adapter to work, please let me know how you did
it.  If you have any programmers information about this adapter or about
the FD 9C50 chip I would appreciate this information so I can try to
modify the seagate.c driver to work with this controller.

Thanks for any help...


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1. FreeBSD with Media Vision ProSonic sound/scsi card

I am running a 386-40, 8mb, FreeBSD 2.1.0 RELEASE

I have a Media Vision 16-bit sound card(ProSonic NOT
ProAudioSpectrum/PAS) with a Future Domain SCSI interface
for the attached CD-ROM drive.  (btw: I use a IDE HD)
According to the documentation FreeBSD supports Future
Domain as noted below, but no drivers/devices are listed
in the kernel config file or LINT for that matter.
from hardawre faq:
4.2.    What SCSI controllers are supported?
FreeBSD supports the following SCSI controllers:
     Future Domain
        TMC-950 Series <ISA>
from handbook:
  o  Future Domain 8xx/950 series SCSI controllers.

two questions

Where is the support(drivers), if any, for future
domain scsi??

Any thoughts on what scsi interface my sound card
might have? The documentation just describes it
as "Future Domain" model.

My sound card claims Sound Blaster compability, but
don't they all.  Does this compatibility come from
software drivers that I would typically load in
MS-DOG, or does it come from actual hardware compability?

I guess the real question is can I use the FreeBSD
Sound Blaster drivers/devices to make my ProSonic
sound card work?

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