what happened to i386 cross-platform compatibility?

what happened to i386 cross-platform compatibility?

Post by Gunther Schado » Fri, 18 Dec 1998 04:00:00


there was once a rumor that FreeBSD, Linux and SCO would come up with a
common specification of executable code, what happened to this project?

another rumor said that a future versions of GCC or GNU binutils (?)
provide cross platform capability so that you can use (or convert?)
and (shared?)libraries created, say, for FreeBSD on Linux and vice

of course I know that FreeBSD has Linux binary compatibility and cross-
platform development suites for Linux and SCO.

my practical problem is, I have static libraries of some high level
written and compiled for Linux. Is there any way I could link against
on FreeBSD? Is there any way to reuse Linux shared libraries?

So many questions. I need to recap on the general direction we are
I have a very responsive software vendor, who would like to save time on
cross platform work if he could. But would also provide native FreeBSD
libraries if nothing else works.

thanks for your wise words :-)

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