xauth doesn't work

xauth doesn't work

Post by Hung Ch » Sat, 19 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>>xhost> add curie.cs.ucdavis.edu:0.0 . 12345678901234567890123456789012
>>xhost> add landau.ucdavis.edu:0.0 . 12345678901234567890123456789012
>>xhost> exit

>I'm sure you mean xauth here ?

Whoop sorry.


>Maybe you should use xdm for running X, as it sets up all the auth
>stuff for you, and you just have to worry about exporting auth stuff.

>    David.

Yes but it is unfair to another person who uses the machine.  I sometime leave
X on without loging off.  My friend just hit Control-Alt-F{1,2,3} and logon
without killing my X session.  I just don't understand why xauth is
not able to generate the correct key and xhost not disabling the display
correctly.  Please help.



1. xauth doesn't work properly (SLS .99/p12)

I set up SLS version 0.99/p12 without too much problem. After configuring X
there occured some problems with the xauth-security.

1) Using the xdm-Display Manager a MIT-Magic-Cookie is built that works fine.
The only drawback ist, that there is no random code used (as described in the
man-pages) but allways ffffffffffffff....    .
What can I do to use a random hex-code????

2) Using xinit the Magic-cookie-mechanism doesn't work at all.
I create my files with xauth:
       xauth -f .Xauthority
             add maus:0 . 12345555555333333333333355555455
             add maus/unix:0 . 23423423423432423432222222222224

(maus acually is my machine's name)

then trying to use this thing with
       xinit -- -auth .Xauthority

doesn't work.

What is the problem.

I'm running on a network and would also like to use the
magic-cookie-mechanism to connect to other machines. Therefore I copied the
Xauthority file to a nfs-mounted directory and everything is fine with the
xdm (there remains of course this fffffff...    problem) but nothing is
working with xinit.

Please send personal mail    :    

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