Ports and CTM questions.

Ports and CTM questions.

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I have a couple of questions regarding ports and CTM.

1.  I would like to run GNUCash 1.3.4 and The GIMP 1.0.4.  The ports
and pakcages included with 4.0-RELEASE are 1.0.18 and 1.1.17 (IIRC)
respectively and there does not appear to be packages of the versions I
want.  Is there an easy way to use CTM to get the ports that I want?
If not can I go to the web interface for the CVS repository and
download the file versions I want, save them into the ports directory,
then run them?  My internet connection is 56K dial-up, should I even be
using CTM or should I try to get CVSup working?

2.  As I said above, I am running 4.0-RELEASE.  I would like to upgrade
to 4.0-STABLE (if it exists).  If I understand correctly, I can use CTM
to update it.  If I go to the ftp server, I find the following files:


On a previous install of 4.0-RELEASE, I downloaded src-4.0001.gz and
followed the instructions in The Complete FreeBSD book.  I had
installed the sources during the original installation.  I ended with a
bunch of errors saying that the patches had already been applied.  My
question is: Exactly which files should I download?  I was assuming
that the source tree that came on the cd would have been the base delta
and would coincide with the src*Empty.gz file.  Any help would be
appreciated.  What is the src*from-src*.gz file?  I couldn't find any
reference to that in the Handbook or the The Complete FreeBSD.

3.  Some general ports/packages questions.  Is there a real preference
between installing ports or packages, if there's a choice?  If I
install a given package, and later see an upgraded package.  If I just
install it like I did the first one, will it upgrade the original one?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  The GNUCash issue is the only
thing keeping me from switching from RedHat to FreeBSD (semi-)
permanently and for some reason, The development version on The GIMP
doesn't like my install (it dumps core, etc.)

Reinhardt Schoenfeld

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1. Two CTM Questions

Used CTM to update my 3.4 machine so that I would have the
latest picobsd sources. CTM did not appear to set execute
permissions in the picobsd tree.

Appears that I can not trust file permissions from CTM.

Is this true ?

Make world worked fine and new  kernel worked.

Restored execute permissions by hand in picobsd tree, but
pico kernel would not build any more after CTM, complaining
could not find .o files. seems like looking for .o files in
same direcory as respective source files.

Handbook and Lehey book give CTM invocation example as
ctm -v -v (ctm  directory)
don't they mean ctm -u -v  instead ?

CTM would be my update method of choice if I can trust it.


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