Troubles restore(8)-ing from Fixit#

Troubles restore(8)-ing from Fixit#

Post by Mikhail Teter » Mon, 11 May 1998 04:00:00

To make it short, restore fails because /tmp is too small
It is damn frustrating to sit in the Fixit#-prompt, without
your manpages, guessing, mmm, lets try
                rmdir /tmp
                ln -s /mnt/tmp /tmp

I'm not sure as to the best way around this, but here are some
        1. restore must stop with perror("with can not write
        /tmp/rstdir or /tmp/rstmode) -- now you just see the
        screenfull of "/: write failed, out of space" and are
        left guessing.

        2. The machine had 128Mb of RAM with, 4Mb used by the
        boot.flp kernel. Why can not /tmp be MFS-ed to use the rest
        of the 60Mb (or 124 if the mem size detection is fixed)?

        3. The Fixit# message should address this potential problem
        rigth after (or before) the nice message reminding you
        about the neccessity of
                ln -s /mnt/etc/groups /etc/groups


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Troubles restore(8)-ing from Fixit#

Post by Mikhail Teter » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

To add. Irix's restore will check for the environment variable
TMPDIR and use its value if possible, before falling back to
/tmp. So do many other SGI's tools and utilities. If this philosophy
was taken into FreeBSD, the Fixit-shell could set this variable
to something sensible, or, at least, remind about it...


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