Q: keeping a number oh jails up to date

Q: keeping a number oh jails up to date

Post by Patrick M. Hause » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 22:29:48

Hi all!

Recently we started using more and more jails for services.
Most of them run apache, mysql and a couple of minor things,
so to simplify installation they all have a copy of the
entire base OS installed. (make installworld DESTDIR=... as in the
jail manpage)

Now as convenient as cvsup/make world or portupgrade may be when
managing a small number of servers, the process gets a little
cumbersome as the number of servers increases. And each jail
is a separate server in some sense.

I thought of writing a couple of scripts to manage jails
as mostly hard links to a master installation - besides config
files, of course. Thus, an update of one /usr/bin/ssh updates
them all. Similarly you could hard link all the port binaries
and keep a per jail version of just /usr/local/etc.

Has anyone already tried this and is willing to share his experience?

What about the update process for example? Does "make installworld"
first unlink and then replace a system binary (which would break
my hard link tree) or does it overwrite the file in place?
My guess is the former, because demand paging out of a binary which
is actively overwriten may be a bad idea. So, how to handle that?
Rebuild the "link farms" every time?

Thanks for any comments,

Patrick M. Hausen
Technical Director
punkt.de GmbH         Internet - Dienstleistungen - Beratung
Scheffelstr. 17 a     Tel. 0721 9109 -0 Fax: -100
76135 Karlsruhe       http://punkt.de


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