Anti-Spam configuration II

Anti-Spam configuration II

Post by <ed.sincl.. » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 19:19:15

Good afternoon,

about a week ago, I asked some help to configure correctly my anti-spam.
I have to recall my system is FreeBSD 4.3 and I use Sendmail 8.11.3.

First, thank you to you all for helping me. I take your opinion into
account, but I must add that the mails I wish to reject come from perfectly
"official" and not fake addresses. As someone said, my system, my rules ...
About the other spammers, it's indeed more advisable to avoid the loop
phenomenon with the MAILER-DAEMON.

So I recompiled with the proper modifications in The anti-spam
continue to reject the unwanted messages (with different notification text,
of course), but unfortunately there is no bounce to the sender address. I
must precise that, although I work under UNIX, I use dial-up to connect to
the net, that is with a phone line and a modem. I suppose that if the mail
fetching is made in real-time, the warning message bounces immediately to the
sender server. But since I'm not connected permanently to the net, the
problem is perhaps more difficult. In any case the warning message is not
even sent in a mail queue.

So maybe there is a special configuration for this type of circumstance but
I don't see. And certainly there must be one because a Sendmail setup named
jtpda (written by Jussieu faculty engineers, but I no more use it) fix this

If someone could give me the proper configuration that should be fine.

Thank you very much



1. Anti-Spam configuration

Good afternoon,

I'm a FreeBSD 4.3 user, my mailer is Sendmail 8.11.3 I set up for
Anti-SPAM services. It perfectly rejects all unwanted mail but I'd
like to configure it to resend (to the sender) a warning message
when his mail is refused. In /etc/mail/access there is perhaps a
particular error code to include to do so. ERROR CODE 550 doesn't
seem work well (it rejects but doesn't send the warning text, and
doesn't resend the spam to the author - which should be ideal).

Could someone give me a method to fix the problem ?

Thank you very much


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