FreeBSD zero-copy socket patch

FreeBSD zero-copy socket patch

Post by East-Wes » Tue, 11 Dec 2001 01:27:30

As far as I have found, the patch written by Gallatin seems the only
available patch that exists for FreeBSD.

Any one knows of other patch that provide zero-copy socket interface?
(zero-copy for both send/recv, not just one provided by sendfile).




1. Zero-copy socket library

I need a path through the Linux TCP/IP stack that is as free of data
movement as possible. For this, I need a faster socket library for Linux
that uses zero-copy buffers, similar to the zbufs of VxWorks.

Has any such zero-copy socket library been developed for Linux?

Are any under development?

What are the major issues in implementing such a library, if I wanted to
undertake this task?


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