can't get freebsd 3.2 installed from dos partition ... please help me

can't get freebsd 3.2 installed from dos partition ... please help me

Post by Werner Van der Kuyl » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi there,

I have never used freebsd. Now i'm installing freebsd on a portable (8
meg memory, 325 meg harddisk space). With no cdrom i want to install
freebsd from a dos partition. This partition is 35 meg and another
freebsd partition  for de rest of harddisk space.

After i booted from disk and selected a novice installation with setup
from dos partiton (the files are in subdir. \freebsd\bin for a minimal
installation), the installation starts and reads het bin.inf file
(only the first 1024 bytes) an after that stops reading from the dos
partition so the installation stops. But i can use de virtual screens
at that point (debug, shell).

Can someone help me?



1. HELP: Installing FreeBSD from DOS partition -- Installer can't find the install files

From the INSTALL.TXT file:
1.3     Installing from a DOS partition
---     -------------------------------

To prepare for installation from an MS-DOS partition you should simply
copy the files from the distribution into a directory called
"FREEBSD".  For example, to do a minimal installation of FreeBSD from
DOS using files copied from the CDROM, you might do something like

        C> MD C:\FREEBSD

Assuming that `C:' was where you had free space and `E:' was where
your CD was mounted.

For as many `DISTS' as you wish to install from DOS (and you have free
space for), install each one in a directory under `C:\FREEBSD' - the
BIN dist is only the minimal requirement.


... In other words, it doesn't just use C:\FREEBSD as an arbitrary name
in that example, it really looks there and only there! :-)

- Jordan Hubbard
  Co-founder/Release Manager, The FreeBSD Project
  Walnut Creek CDROM

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