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Which is the main difference between this two options?
Which is the best?

If this is already explained in some FAQ please
post me the URL.

Thanks in advance, Antonio

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I'm in the process of setting up a new NAT/Firewall FreeBSD setup (on a
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Smartlink Realtek based 10/100 card, and a 730MB hard drive) and I'm at the
point where I'm going to chose between IPFilter and IPFirewall.  Looking at
the docs for IPFilter at http://www.unixcircle.com/ipf/ipf-howto.html it
appears to be extremely powerful and full featured and it should fulfill my
needs wonderfully.  However it seems from all the docs and postings I've
seen that ipfw is a clear favourite, at least in gross numbers.  Is there a
clear winner between the two?  I'm not incredibly concerned about processor
needs as this machine will be used almost entirely as the NAT/Firewall with
a little bit of playing around with FreeBSD so there should be processor
capacity to spare.

If you had to choose between the two which would you chose?

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