broken procfs?

broken procfs?

Post by Saxon Joseph Hyde Jone » Sat, 27 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I recompiled my system and kernel yesterday, and I found that w, top, and ps
were all complaining about the size of proc.

So I updated my system again today and recompiled.  Still the same problems.

Any ideas if this is my fault or just broken stuff in the cvsup tree?



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1. Procfs tools and Truss utliity are broken, after Kernel patch 106541-18

We have an E10k domain ( mission critical ) that had lots of stability and
performance problems. Sun has suggested to apply 106541-18 kernel patch (
stating that they have observed too many XCALs happening on our 10 cpu
domain ). But after applying this patch, the opensource LSOF got
significantly slowed down. Prior to applying this patch lsof used to run for
5-10secs and give 38000+ open file report ( when run simply as,  lsof -n  ).
Now it is taking more than 8minutes even when domain has no load. Under load
conditions, I could not  risk running lsof.
Procfs utilities:
pfiles: when run against an oracle process, it randomly hangs. The only way
to get out of this situation is kill the pfiles command. This leaves the
target Process in a "STOP" state, and there is no means to put the stopped
process back to run state.
truss: truss frequently is hanging the process against which it is run ( the
process is originally run by oracle ) dumping a "Psetrun: Device busy" lines
at a rapid rate.

Overall we have observed that after this patch, system tools "find, ps etc.,
" are running longer and are taking more CPU cycles.

Did anyone encounter similar experience.


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