2.1.5R --> 2.1.6R upgrade available?

2.1.5R --> 2.1.6R upgrade available?

Post by Michael Giegeri » Mon, 18 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Are the diffs between both releases too much to provide
an upgrade file (how many MBs)?



1. Upgrade 2.1.5R to 2.1.6R

I've got three machines running 2.1.5R and I have a tape with 2.1.6R on
it.  Is it worth upgrading these systems to 2.1.6R?  What's the best /
easiest way to do so?  Should I run the 2.1.6R installation and let it
do an upgrade?  Should I do a fresh install on one machine and then copy
the source tree to the other two machines?


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