Apache FP extensions problem

Apache FP extensions problem

Post by Babu » Thu, 28 Dec 2000 11:27:01

Installed apache13-fp and mod_php4 on FBSD-4.2 from the ports collection.
Everything worked fine until I re-installed mod_php4 from current (to
upgrade from 4.0.3pl1 to 4.0.4). Now the front-page extensions doesn't work.

Frontpage is whining that I don't have the fp extensions installed. I've
checked the httpd.conf files and the references to the fp extensions seem to
be all there.

Thanks in advance.


1. How to remove Apache/FP 1.2.5 and FP 3.0 extensions

After a misguided attempt to add the Apache 1.2.5 (FrontPage) "patch"
Appache 1.2.6 (on RedHat Linux 5.1), my FP 3.0 extensions are now
hopelessly broken.  How may I remove both packages ?  I tried "rpm -e
apache" but it returns some error about dependencies.  "fpsvradm -o
uninstall -p 80 -m ..." does appear to work for the virtual webs, but I
reallyt would like to clean out FP extensions everywhere (roots. subwebs,
virtuals, etc.)


Ken Onwere
PS.  The webserver does appear to be running great, though.

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