chio/ch device volume label support, mt/st device set compression

chio/ch device volume label support, mt/st device set compression

Post by Matt Dill » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00

    In case anyone is interested, I've just submitted three send-pr's.

    kern/5274   diffs, fixed SCSI tape support for setting compression,
                mt comp 0/1 now works.

    bin/5276    diffs, mt command now reports compression status

    kern/5275   diffs, ch device now supports volume label extraction
                (for tape libraries with bar-code readers).  chio also
                adjusted to request and printf extended info.

    Everything is relative to 2.2.5.  The diffs are also available on my
    site at:

    I figure this may be of use to people who'd like to use the mt comp
    command or have tape libraries with integrated bar-code readers so I'm
    posting it.


    Matthew Dillon   Engineering, BEST Internet Communications, Inc.


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lebud01 / 57 <> mt status /dev/rmt/3n
/dev/rmt/0n: Device busy

Physical inspection of the drive proves that the device is empty but
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there doesn't appear to be a way to 'HUP' (as it were) a device.

So, apart from bouncing the box to reset the tape drive, is there a
command line option?



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